Frequently Asked Questions

What might impact my application processing time?

When can I take my SLA in Saskatchewan?

When can I take my SLA, in the Maritimes?

When can I take my SLA in BC?

What Happens during the SLA – HCA?

Where do I take the HCA SLA?

Do I need to complete the HCA SLA?

What is the format of the SLA-RPN?

Where do I take the RPN-SLA?

Do I need to complete the RPN SLA?​

What happens during the SLA​ triple track?

Where do I take the triple track SLA assessment?

Why complete the Triple Track Assessment?

What to bring to your CBA?

What happens during the CBA?​

What to bring to your SLA?

Where do I take the Simulation Lab Assessment?

Do I need to complete the RN/LPN SLA? 

How long is my performance report valid?

Can I request my CBA or SLA results be reconsidered?

What happens after my assessments?

How do I interpret my Inspire Global Assessments Performance Report?

Why can’t I see my CBA or SLA report after finishing each assessment?

How are Inspire Global Assessments assessments scored?

​Is financial assistance available for IENs?

How much does the assessment cost?

I have completed the competency assessment. What is my next step?

How were the competencies established?

How do I prepare for the computer-based assessment (CBA) or simulation lab assessment (SLA)?

​I need a testing accommodation. How do I arrange this?

​I completed my Inspire Global Assessments assessment but want to take the integrative assessment. What are my options?

​I completed either the computer-based assessment (CBA) or simulation lab assessment (SLA). Can I switch to the IEN Pathway?

​I’ve been referred to Inspire Global Assessments and still need to begin with the competency assessment. What are my next steps?  

​What is the integrative assessment? (BC only)

How and when do I get my Inspire Global Assessments results?

Can I be assessed for more than one profession at a time?

What if I need to travel to BC to take the SLA?

​Tell me more about the simulation lab assessment (SLA). Where can I take it?​

​Tell me more about the computer-based assessment (CBA). Where can I take it?

​How much time do I have to complete the competency assessment?​

How does the competency assessment work?

Inspire Global Assessments has received all required documents. What is the next step?

I took my English language test before applying to Inspire Global Assessments. Can I submit those results?

How will my English language proficiency be assessed? 

What types of identification documents do I need to upload?

I have submitted an application to Inspire Global Assessments. Is there a deadline for uploading all the supporting documents? 

How long will it take to complete the Inspire Global Assessments process?

I need help with my application. Who can I contact?

The application is asking for my Inspire Global Assessments ID number. Where can I find this?

Where do I access the Inspire Global Assessments application?

Am I eligible for bursaries? (BC ONLY)

Do I need to be referred by a regulator to apply?

How do I create my Inspire Global Assessments online user account?

How do I get started with the IEN Pathway? (BC ONLY)

Why do I have to go through the Inspire Global Assessments process?​

What is the IEN Pathway? (BC ONLY)

​Who can come to Inspire Global Assessments?

​What is Inspire Global Assessments?​​