Our Mission

To support and further the mobility and transition of internationally educated health care professionals into the global work force.

Inspire Global Assessments evaluate nurse’s clinical skills and judgement, as well as their critical thinking, nursing knowledge, language and education. We measure these against Canadian standards for entering practice, and we help identify strengths and gaps to better support a nurse’s entry into the work force.

Our Values


We strive for excellence in our assessments, and for care and openness in our service to the public. Through continuous learning and improvement, Inspire Global Assessments builds assessments that reflect the latest needs and evolution of the health care sector, the assessment industry, and customer expectations.


Our service aims to put you first, and to help you find the best place to apply your talents and knowledge. We are here to serve you.


Inspire Global Assessments is committed to being an anti-racist organization, and to dismantling the historical and tangled systems of racism and colonialism that perpetuate global and institutional oppression.


Inspire Global Assessments applies a transformative lens to all its work and its relationships to better meet the needs of health care professionals, employers and regulators all over the world.


Inspire Global Assessments strives for the highest levels of validity and reliability in our competency assessments to ensure that health care professionals—and the regulators, educators and employers who serve them—have confidence in the full depth and breadth of their skills and knowledge.