Pilot Projects

Bilingual Triple-Track 

Inspire Global Assessments has developed a bilingual 3-in-1 competency assessment designed to assess a candidate’s competency in up to three health care roles (registered nursing, practical nursing, and care support). We launched the bilingual triple-track assessment in early 2024.

Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) Pathway

Launched in January 2023, the goal of the IEN Pathway is to streamline the process and decrease the time it takes for IENs to become registered RNs in BC. Inspire Global Assessments assesses english-language proficiency, educational credential reports, identification, and competencies, before sending their documents to the regulator in BC.

Inspire Global Assessments 3.0

What would our assessment look like if test-takers no longer had to travel to a nursing simulation lab to demonstrate their skills and knowledge? Could developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and artificial reality help us eliminate barriers of cost and distance, and allow us to create and deliver assessments in different parts of the world? What would be gained? What would be lost? Exactly how would it work?

Now in phase two, and with significant funding from Employment and Social Development Canada, Inspire Global Assessments is working with innovation labs in universities across Canada to build and test a fully virtual, high-stakes assessment.

Nurses and nursing students from around the world are at the core of this project, and we are drawing on the expertise of educators and employers, technology specialists, and regulators to ensure we create leading-edge tools that reflect the needs of all. We aim to launch in 2028.