Computer-Based Assessment (CBA)​

What to expect on the day of  your CBA Assessment.

  • In the Computer-based Assessment (CBA) you will be asked to review cases that take you through the step-by-step process of clinical thinking and decision-making. The cases can unfold over a single work shift, or a couple of days or weeks. There will be a mix of multiple-choice, multiple-select, hotspot, sequencing, and open response questions, as well as audio recording responses.
  • Multiple-choice questions have four answer options, with only one correct answer.
  • Multiple-select questions have four to six answer options, of which two or three are correct. You will be prompted to select the two or three best actions to take for the situation that the question describes. You will not be able to select more answers than the number of correct answers for each question. For example if the question only has two correct answers, that is the maximum number of selections you will be able to make.
  • Hotspot questions will present an image and you will be instructed to click on the areas of the image that correspond to your answer. Hotspot questions have a fixed number of correct areas to click. Similar to multiple-select, the number of recorded clicks you are able to do will be the same as the number of correct areas.
  • Sequencing questions will prompt you to place items in sequential order. To reorder items, you will drag and drop them in the desired sequence order based on the scenario described.
  • Open response questions instruct you to write your composed response in the space provided. Your answer may be restricted to a specific number of words, which will be indicated.
  • Questions requiring an audio recorded response will describe a scenario and ask you to record your audio response. Your recording will have a time restriction on it (i.e. 60 seconds), and you will have up to three attempts at recording.
  • Read the questions carefully before responding, as your answers cannot be changed.
  • Before the CBA begins, you will be given 15 minutes to complete a brief tutorial that will help you get familiar with Prometric’s computer testing environment. This time is not included in the actual assessment time.
  • For samples of CBA question types, please click here.


Computer-Based Assessment Length​​

Health Care Assistant – HCA (BAS) CBA

3 hours

Licensed Practical Nurse – LPN (INT) CBA

3 hours​​​

Registered Nurse – RN (ADV) CBA

3-5 hours​​​

Dual-track – RN/LPN (ADV) CBA

3-5 hours

Triple-track – RN/LPN/HCA (ADV) CBA

5 hours

Registered Psychiatric Nurse – RPN (PSYN) CBA

3 hours

Common Questions about the Computer Based Assessment

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