English Language Proficiency Documents

Communicating effectively in English is critical to provide safe nursing practice in British Columbia. All applicants will need to show a minimum level of English language proficiency (ELP), to determine their eligibility for continuing through the IEN Pathway.

The easiest way to prove your English language proficiency for any profession is by taking an ELP exam. Inspire Global Assessments accepts ELP test scores from either CELBAN or IELTS (Academic)​. ​​The requirements are the same for the RN and LPN professions, but different for the HCA profession.

Test scores must be valid at the time the application is received. CELBAN scores are valid for 3 years and IELTS scores are valid for 2 years.


Requesting ELP test reports

Inspire Global Assessments will only accept language test scores sent directly from the testing agency. To have your report sent directly to Inspire Global Assessments, please select Inspire Global Assessments as the recognizing organization. The language testing agency will send you a copy of your test scores as well as a copy directly to Inspire Global Assessments.​

Inspire Global Assessments will accept and review scores from multiple reports of the same test (maximum of 2 test reports). Please notify Inspire Global Assessments if multiple tests are being submitted.


Requesting additional ELP test reports

If you have already taken the IELTS (academic) or CELBAN test, and need to request copies to be sent to Inspire Global Assessments, you will need to complete the following request form:

  • CELBAN – Complete the request form. There is a fee, and this process takes about two business days to complete your request
  • IELTS – Complete the request form. There is a fee. Once you complete and submit the form, you will receive an invoice two days later. Once IELTS receives your payment, your order will be completed in about five days.

Other Alternative Evidence

You may provide proof of your ELP by submitting Any combination (at least 2) of the following documents.  

**Please note, at any time, the Inspire Global Assessments Credential Services Team may ask you to complete an ELP test if your alternative documents do not meet the ELP requirements.

Alternative Evidence Documents:

  •  Successful completion of additional nursing education and/or a related education in English, such as a training in health care or health care support; leading to a diploma or a degree in Canada; 
  •  Successful completion of English-language primary and secondary school in Canada;
  •  Successful completion of a post-secondary degree in English in Canada;
  •  Confirmation of recent nursing practice experience in a predominantly English setting, consistently within the past two-year period;
  • Confirmation of recent work experience in a Canadian healthcare setting providing services in English consistently within the past two-year period;​

If you plan to submit transcripts from your Canadian college/university as one of your alternative evidence documents, you will need to order an official copy from college/university to be sent directly to Inspire. We are unable to accept applicant’s copies.

           Mail: Inspire Global Assessments
​           900-200 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4

           Email: ienp.reports@inspireassessments.org

Employer English Proficiency Reference (EEPR) Form Information: 

If you would like to submit an EEPR as one of your documents to prove your ELP, please download this​ for​m​​​​​ for you and your direct supervisor to fill out. When completed, your supervisor will need to email the form directly to Inspire Global Assessments at ienp.eepr@inspireassessments.org.​ The email subject line must state “EEPR for {Your Name} and Inspire ID.​”

​The work experience must include direct interaction with patients, be within the last 2 years, completed and signed by your direct supervisor, and emailed to Inspire Global Assessments from your supervisor’s work email. 

We will not be able to review your EEPR if your form does not directly come from your supervisor’s email and if the above highlighted information isn’t included in the subject line.

​Once the Credential Services Team receives your completed form, they will review and assess whether the information​n provided by your employer fulfills Inspire Global Assessments’ English language proficiency requirements.

If you are currently employed as an HCA in British Columbia and continuing with the RN and LPN assessments through the IEN Pathway, please contact our Credential Team at  ienp.eepr@inspireassessments.org.  The email subject line must state “EEPR for HCA {Your Name} and Inspire ID.​”  The Credential Team will provide you with the requirement.