​​How to Prepare​​​​​​​

The following resources will help you prepare for your Inspire Global Assessments Computer-based Assessment (CBA) and Simulation Lab Assessment (SLA). Independent, private organizations may offer Inspire Global Assessments assessment preparation courses. Inspire Global Assessments has not reviewed or approved any of these programs and does not endorse them.​​

Healthcare Aide / HCA candidates can read this resource, prepared by the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry, for help guiding them through the Inspire Global Assessments process. ​

Entry-Level Competencies

Inspire Global Assessments assesses competencies that an entry-level nurse or Healthcare Aide needs to practice safely and effectively in Canada.

To prepare for your assessment, make sure you understand and can apply the entry-level professional competencies for which you are being assessed:

Assessment Components

The Inspire assessments have two basic components: a Computer-based Assessment (CBA) and a Simulation Lab Assessment (SLA). Both the CBA and SLA  ask you to engage in different situations, such as:

  • Workplace setting
  • Life span
  • Client health status

Review the Blueprint to understand the components of these assessments better. ​

Candidate's Guidelines

Please review our Candidate’s Guidelines for a comprehensive resource on the following:

  • Inspire Competency Framework
  • Assessment design
  • Getting ready for Inspire assessments
  • Understanding the Inspire Performance Report

Computer Based Assessment (CBA)

To learn more about the CBA format and what to expect on assessment day, review Computer-based Assessments.

Sample CBA Questions

The following are sample CBA questions for each nursing or health care aide profession:

Simulation Lab Assessment (SLA)

Orientation Videos – Healthcare Aide

  1. The Inspire Global Assessments SLA Orientation for HCA video shares what you can expect on assessment day. It provides an overview of the rules and procedures you’ll be expected to follow.
  2. The Inspire Global Assessments SLA Equipment for HCAs video familiarizes you with the materials, supplies and equipment HCAs may see during that assessment.

Orientation - Healthcare Aide

Equipment - Healthcare Aide

Orientation Videos – Registered Nurse / Licenced Practical Nurse​

  1. The Inspire Global Assessments SLA Orientation for RN/LPN video shares what you can expect on assessment day. It provides an overview of the rules and procedures you’ll be expected to follow. ** Please note that there is no longer an Oral Assessment (OA) component to the RN/LPN SLA. ​
  2. The Inspire Global Assessments SLA Equipment for LPNs, RNs and RPNs video is aimed specifically at those taking the RN, LPN or RPN assessment. The video shows the room set up at the Inspire Assessment Centres and the materials, supplies and equipment you may see during your assessment.​

Orientation – Registered Nurse / Licenced Practical Nurse​

Equipment – Registered Nurse / Licenced Practical Nurse​

SLA Nursing Charts

We recommend reviewing sample materials you may receive at the simulation lab stations. Review form templates forms that may be used during the simulation, or that can be found in the chart. Once you enter the simulation room, you will have an allocated time period to review the patient chart. You may make notes (paper will be provided), though these notes will not be scored unless specifically noted.

Understanding Nursing in Canada

These resources offer background information on health care professions in Canada.

Essential Skills Profile
Essential Skills Profiles describe how workers in health care use each of the nine essential skills: reading, document use, writing, numeracy, oral communication, thinking, digital technology, working with others and continuous learning.  Search: Nurse Aides, Orderlies and Patient Service Associates.