Educational Credential Review (BC)

The educational credential review is an important step on your path to register to practice in Canada. This review confirms that you completed an accredited nursing education program and other related nursing courses.​ To qualify to practice in Canada, you must have your educational credentials reviewed by an authorized agency.

Your submitted credential report must include a review of all your completed nursing credentials. This includes your initial nursing education credential, as well as any subsequent nursing degrees and diplomas.

You may already have completed a credential review as part of your Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) application. To register in British Columbia, you will need to submit a more detailed report.

To apply for an upgraded report, visit one of the approved agency websites listed in the table below. Make sure you:

  • Select Inspire Global Assessments as the assessment report recipient
  • Request a comprehensive report (this report may have a different name, depending on the agency; see table below)

If you have already completed a credential assessment with one of our authorized agencies, you can request an upgraded report from them.

There will be a fee associated with upgrading your report. Check to see if you are eligible for financial support by emailing

Once the upgraded educational credential assessment (ECA) report is complete, the credential agency will send your report directly to us. We can only accept reports that are sent directly to us from​ the credential agency.​

Approved AgencyApplication FormFeeTimeline

World Education Service

Standard Application

  • For upgrade reports, please choose “document by document”.
  • Please select to have your report electronically sent to Inspire Global Assessments.

$213 CAD

7 days

Comparative Education Service, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

General Use Application

$149 CAD

6 weeks

ICAS International Credential Assessment Service

Main Application

$120 CAD

10 – 12 weeks

International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)

General Application

$230 CAD

7 weeks for a Comprehensive Assessment (course by course)

*You may request an upgrade from your Basic Report to a Comprehensive Rep​​ort

National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS)

General Application

$650 USD

12 weeks