The RPN Simulation Lab Assessment allows you to show your knowledge and skills through a series of simulated patient encounters.

  • You will move through three stations of unfolding case scenarios.
  • At each station you will have virtual encounters with a standardized patient (trained actor) and a nurse assessor. An assessment proctor will also be present.
  • It will take 45 minutes to complete work at each station.​
  • In the final 10 minutes, you will be asked 3-4 questions related to your patient’s case.
  • It will take four hours to complete the RPN SLA.​

What to expect

Do I need to complete the RPN SLA?​

Where do I take the RPN-SLA?

What is the format of the SLA-RPN?

How are Inspire Global Assessments assessments scored?

How and when do I get my Inspire Global Assessments results?

Why can’t I see my CBA or SLA report after finishing each assessment?

How do I interpret my Inspire Global Assessments Performance Report?

What happens after my assessments?

Can I request my CBA or SLA results be reconsidered?

How long is my performance report valid?