​​​​​​​​​​​Fees and Policies — Maritime Canada

The fee for the Inspire assessment is payable in one installment. Should you wish to extend, reschedule or cancel your computer-based assessment (CBA) or simulation lab assessment (SLA) within the allowable timeframe, additional administrative fees will apply.

All fees will have HST (15%) applied upon invoicing.​

Note that fees are subject to change. ​

Assessment Fees

RoleCBA Fee (CAD)SLA Fee (CAD)Total Fee (CAD)









Dual-track RN/LPN




Administrative Fees

Fee (CAD)

Rescheduling  your CBA Assessment

You can reschedule your CBA up to 48 hours prior, by contacting Prometric.

CAD $44​, applied by Prometric

Rescheduling  your CBA Assessment

To reschedule your CBA less than 48 hours prior, contact Inspire Global Assessments directly.

CAD $225

Non-attendance of  your CBA Assessment

If you miss your scheduled CBA, contact Inspire Global Assessments directly to reschedule.

CAD $500

Rescheduling  your SLA assessment

The deadline to reschedule your SLA is 60 days prior, one time only.

The SLA has limited daily capacity. Once scheduled, a spot will have been reserved for you. If you need to reschedule your SLA, contact us immediately.

CAD $250 for each additional reschedule​

Rescheduling  your SLA assessment

We cannot reschedule an SLA assessment with fewer than 60 days’ notice. Illness-related rescheduling requests must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Full cost of applicable SLA, applied if rescheduled

Non-Attendance SLA Assessment

Should you miss your scheduled SLA, you will forfeit the assessment fee. To reschedule, contact Inspire Global Assessments directly.

Full cost of applicable SLA, applied if rescheduled

SLA Reconsideration Fee

  • Inspire Global Assessments checks assessment scores carefully before releasing your performance report. You can request a reconsideration of your SLA results if you believe your performance report does not reflect your performance during the assessment. 
  • We do not allow reconsideration of the CBA results. If you encountered an incident while taking the CBA that requires review, you must contact us within three business days of your CBA.
  • If you request a reconsideration of your SLA, assessors who did not score your original assessment will review the recorded videos of your SLA to confirm that the original assessors scored all of the skills you demonstrated. We will then issue a new performance report that combines your original CBA scores and your final SLA scores. You may request only one reconsideration; all reconsideration results are final.
  • You must request a reconsideration within 15 days of receiving your performance report. We cannot conduct reconsiderations after this 15-day period has passed. 
  • Typically, it takes 21 days to complete a reconsideration, starting from the date Inspire Global Assessments receives your request.
  • To request a reconsideration, complete this form.

CAD $350, to cover the administrative and assessor time involved in your reconsideration

Withdrawal and Refunds

  • If you need to withdraw from the Inspire Global Assessment assessment, we can refund your assessment fees up to 60 days prior to your scheduled assessment. 
  • We cannot offer refunds for withdrawals that occur fewer than 60 days prior to your scheduled assessment.

CAD $50

Administrative Policies

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